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What do we do?

At Soccer Videos Factory, we specialize in providing top-notch video editing services tailored specifically for football enthusiasts. Our team is dedicated to helping players elevate their game through professionally crafted Highlight Reels, Player Profiles, Showcase Videos, and Tactical Analysis. Whether you’re looking to stand out in the recruiting process, improve your skills, or gain a competitive edge, we’re here to support your journey.

Game Analysis

Get a comprehensive analysis of up to 6 games with a final video up to 7 minutes long.

No Clip Limitations

Limited clips? No problem! Send us up to 60 pre-cut clips without worrying about the final video length.

All Levels Covered

Videos can be made for all levels, from Youth Soccer to Professional Soccer.

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Highlight Reel

Receive an additional 1.5-minute highlight reel absolutely free with any package.
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How It Works


Submit Your Footage: Provide us with full matches or individual clips.


Leave the Editing to Us: We analyze and edit, capturing your best plays.


Crafting Your Highlight Reel: We create a dynamic reel that showcases your skills and achievements.


Ready to Impress: Share your video with coaches, recruiters, and fans.

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Everything You Need to Shine in One Package
$ 199 Monthly
  • Player introduction
  • Player tracking
  • Music
  • 1 Reels para RRSS
  • Up to 6 games analysis

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